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Purchase Psyber-X NFT Crates Today!

A Single Psyber-X Crate Unlocks Many Items and Multiple Games
Receive 5 Item NFTs in Every Crate Purchase
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Practice -or- Hardcore

Practice Mode

You risk nothing but having a good time. But you can't bring the loot you find in the raid back home with you.

Hardcore Mode

Everything you can carry for loot you can take back with you. But if you die then your gear is dropped.
Are you just learning the game? Are you OP AF hardcore loot lord? Choose your league wisely!
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Need More LVL to Play?

Visit the LVL Pools on BeeSwap or check out to Buy or Sell!

LVL is used to Enter Matches and for Wagering.
Get Yourself a Bunch of LVL, the Official Token of the Psyber Universe v0.0.0 is Under Active Development and Does Not Represent the Final Launch Product. There May Be Bugs, Errors or Unfinished Functions - Please Support Development by Buying Psyber Crates!  
v0.0.0 Patch Notes:
New release brings in wagering and hardcore game mode
Welcome to Psyber Decks, an interactive trading card battle game using Psyber-X NFT assets.

Collect NFT items, level them up, battle with them and use them in other games on the Psyberverse at your leisure.

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